Hello, and welcome to the Truly-Nuts!

Why nuts you say? Our boxes contain only the best of
premium imported nuts, seeds and dry fruits.

All of our ingredients are handpicked to ensure the finest of qualities, each from their
native countries to
bring back the
real natural taste of healthy grown nuts, which is rare in this fast-paced commercial
climate today.

Forest Walnuts                    
Pure Macadamias           
Brazilian Nuts
Tango Blackcurrant

Thats just to name a few from our list, check out our ingredients section for more details!

Getting Started is easy! You place your order, we deliver only the best ingredients selected only for you,
direct to your home or office doorstep fortnightly (or your preferred intervals) for your healthy snack or
lunch box in Malaysia!
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Last Updated - 4/03/2013