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Truly Nuts
WDT 3009,
60 000 KL,

Love the combinations that came in my box! Those little dry fruits made a great
complement to those really natural walnuts, and macadamias! Can't wait for my
next box to arrive! Definitely will introduce to my friends:)

Mrs Lee, Personal Assistant, Maybank

A little skeptical about the quality, but decided to try a promo box at RM20 during
last week's New Year promotion. The walnuts and pistachios were of top qualities.
Never found any in the supermarkets before. Placed another 12 boxes for fornight
delivery. Keep up the good work!

Vincent, Business Development, Petronas

Simply love the mixtures! Just had my third box and each box just brings a smile
to my face! Definitely worth the money compared to the usual junk food snacks
that I used to get in the office!

Shirley, Accounts Manager, SPK

Simply irresistible! Love the combinations of my diet box, especially those
Pistachios that are unsalted. Can't seem to find any in the supermarkets. Do you do
pure pistachios box? Please check your inbox for request. Thank you!!

Ms Luo, Secretary, TM

Just placed another 12 box orders. Had my first box and love the way I could have
a pack over breakfast and another to munch on throughout the day without feeling
guilty but instead healthy!! Love the REAL macadamias too:)

Cindy, Business Development, DNN Engineering

Never thought that I could actually get energy whilst going on a diet until I tried
one of your diet boxes! Loved the way that your combinations actually helped in my
diet! Patiently waiting for my new weekly order to arrive:)

Annabelle,Accounts Manager, Yahord Management

Definitely an eye opener on real natural nuts. Those macadamias were really
premium quality as those I had in Australia. Not those flaky nuts even from Marks
and Spencers or Isetan that I bought. Even the walnuts were really good with full
sized shapes and non-roasted. Keep it up!

Jane, Shop Owner, BSC

Great to leave in the office for times when I need to munch on something because
of any urgent deadlines. Also great as a snack! My colleagues love it too! BTW,
thanks alot for my RM16 box!! Didn't know that the RM4 discounts were actually

Arina, Personal Assistant, 1-Utama