About Us

Truly Nuts was first born in 2012 in Malaysia as a central focusing primarily on anything health related to bring only the best of health, and joy to all our friends. Since then, we have expanded our business and headquartered in Singapore.

We started off with nuts based product, where we deliver only the most premium nuts, seeds and dried fruits to our friends all over Asia, with Bazaar stores in Malaysia. Since then, we have ventured off to more diverse products which we have tested, and felt would enrich the lives of all our friends.

Truly Nuts Herbal Box                                 Truly Nuts Energy Box

Latest of the products include the brand name Musi Aroma, which brings health and joy to our senses. Musi Aroma is a Premium 100% natural plant based Essential Oil which is sourced all over the globe with only genuine plant based ingredients. Safety and Quality Certifications from various countries including International Flavors & Fragrances IFF, Givaudan, CNAS, MA & others have been obtained to ensure compliance only to the highest standards. 

GuOkai Premium Essential Oil             Musi Aroma Pure Essential Oil               XIAOMI Deerma 5L Aromatherapy Humidifier - Black Pearl

Amongst the above products, we also look to compliment the health of our friends with GuOkai Premium Essential Oil, Xiaomi's humidifiers and others.

Please have a browse through our products, and feel free to contact us for suggestions or leave a feedback!